Missing out

I’ve discovered my new favorite way to make burrito bowls!

I’d actually come across this recipe last week but held off until I was back from vacation to try it. Tonight after spin class and walking Hurley (both of which were much needed), this chili-lime beef and black bean bowl took me literally 15 minutes to make. I’m not sure if it was the amount of cilantro and lime I put into the dish or what. All I know is it quickly moved up to the top as my favorite Mexican dish.

This is the first time I’ve made steak with tacos, which is actually a bit surprising given I’ve dabbled with so many others (ground turkey, carnitas, barbacoa, etc.). It makes me feel like I’ve been missing out all these years.

I almost forgot to marinade the steak before heading to spin, but I’m so glad I remembered that step. There was so much flavor in it! I found thinly cut pieces of steak of sale at the grocery store last week, and one thing I’ll keep in mind for next time it to cut them into slightly smaller chunks — and potentially before I marinade.

Although I was tempted to make the copycat Chipotle cilantro-lime recipe, I decided to just use brown rice, lime and cilantro (making sure not to skimp on either). I also swapped out the black beans for red kidney beans to change things up a bit. Also surprising, I think this is the first time I had cilantro lime in each portion of the burrito bowl, which definitely enhanced the flavor.

Like I said, within 15 minutes, this burrito bowl was assembled. I didn’t make the avocado cream, though I did cut up slices of avocado to include. I also decided to really go all out by adding green olives, banana peppers and some smoked tabasco sauce. It was seriously mouth-watering.

burrito bowl

I won’t lie…I ended up swapping out my new placemat for my old orange one. I’m really paranoid about spilling on the new placemat or (heaven forbid) the new table! Maybe in a few weeks or once I find a recipe that’s a little less messy (because let’s be honest, I also had some chip and homemade salsa with the burrito bowl) I’ll be less anal about it. Or maybe not…


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