Happy campers

I admit this isn’t great photo quality (though props to the middle for being the photographer on Sunday night!), but I can’t help but share a photo of Hurley. Now that he’s gone two years in a row, it wouldn’t surprise me if he starts counting down to the Dog Splash at the end of each summer. He was on cloud nine the entire time he was in the pool! (And mama loves that it wears him out…).

dog splash

Seriously, be still my heart.

But now on to food, which was the real intent of this post. How easily that adorable labrador distracts me…

For whatever reason, last week I was craving something with black beans. I kid you not, I searched “healthy dinner recipes with black beans” on pinterest, leading me to a black bean and beef enchilada casserole.

I made three main modifications. The first is that I used ground turkey instead of ground beef (that modification should probably just be a given in my food posts by now I suppose). I also added corn since that’s generally a staple in my Mexican dishes (plus I live in Nebraska…). The third modification is one I wish I wouldn’t have made. At the store I noticed RoTel dip that had cilantro and lime. It sounded right up my alley, but for whatever reason it didn’t do the trick in this dish. And it felt like overkill with diced peppers/jalapeno.

It was still a great take on a Mexican dish, though. Rarely do I cook with or use corn tortillas, but I really enjoyed it in this recipe. What was also different about this casserole is that it was layered similar to lasagna. Other Mexican casserole dishes I’ve made have torn up tortillas mixed into everything, so this required a bit more prep work (though not much more). This shows the middle layer before I put on the final layer of corn tortillas.


I wish I would have spread the sour cream out a tad more. I thought it would spread out a bit more while it baked in the oven, though it could be a result of the casserole being refrigerated for so long. Trying to be efficient with time, I actually whipped up the casserole before going to spin class. Almost makes me feel like I should make similar dishes on Sunday so I can just pop them in the oven when I get home on a week night.

It’s probably not safe, but it baked long enough for me to get Hurley out on a walk. And the end result looked amazing.


Like I said, I wish I wouldn’t have thrown in the Rol Tel, but otherwise I really enjoyed the casserole. Later in the week I made brown rice and added it into the dish just to mix up my leftovers a bit. Definitely a recipe I’d make again.

Last week I also intended to make a balsamic chicken and veggies dish. That didn’t quite pan out, but it led me to finding a crockpot honey ginger chicken recipe that I made last night.

The prep was a lot easier than I anticipated, though I will say I used ginger that you would put on sushi instead of ginger root. I bought it a few weeks ago for another recipe, and I forgot how much I love ginger. I’m also surprised by how much more subdued the flavor is once it’s been cooked.

I thought about pairing this with pasta, but given I had pizza pasta and garlic bread on Saturday night, I figured it was high time to get back to my brown rice. The tomatoes were a nice addition too. I mostly wanted to use those up since I didn’t use them in the balsamic chicken and veggies dish.

2015-08-24 20.40.54

This seemed similar to other chicken dishes I’ve tried, though in my mind you can’t really go wrong with adding a bit of honey and lime to chicken. The ginger added a unique flavor to it as well, which made it slightly different from previous dishes.

We’ll have to see what cravings and flavors strike for next week’s meals! What would we (okay, mostly me) do without Pinterest?!


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