New place, space and recipes

This week is all about creating a new normal. Minus some very small hiccups (naturally including some snow), the move this weekend was successful and by Sunday evening I was more or less unpacked (because let’s be honest, Hurley and I couldn’t stand the sight of boxes and clutter anymore).

Monday night I really contemplated just heating up hot dogs or a can of soup and calling that dinner. It was 7:30 by the time I got home, meaning I was tired, hungry and impatient. But I splurged enough during the weekend and knew I needed to get back on track.

Thankfully this blackened chicken with cilantro-lime quinoa dish was faster and easier to whip up than I’d anticipated. Without a doubt, it was worth the extra 20 minutes it took to make dinner compared to heating up a can of soup. Not to mention much more satisfying and tasty!

For some reason I haven’t had much success in ending up with “pretty” chicken when I cook it on the stove. It cooks thoroughly (which is why it never looks presentable — I cut it all up in chunks to make sure it’s cooked all the way through) but the presentation suffers. But with an end result like this, who cares?!

Chicken and quinoa

The dish had so much flavor! I probably added a bit more seasonings to the chicken than the recipe called for, but it was just the right amount when it was paired with the flavor-packed quinoa. The chicken was actually a bit spicier as leftovers, and I’m happy to report it’s just as good on the second and third day.

Tonight I gave myself I night off — nothing but light cleaning, cooking and snuggling Hurley (my poor baby is finally less anxious about being in a new place).

For some reason I’d been craving a black bean burger but wanted to try a new recipe since I haven’t been over the moon about ones I’ve tried in the past (primarily because they never stay together). What’s genius about this spicy black bean burger recipe is that you freeze them for two hours before cooking. I had no issues whatsoever flipping them! Problem solved!

I doubled the recipe, in part because I didn’t want to have a Father of the Bride moment where I’ve got 4-5 black bean burgers and eight buns. Plus they should make for good leftovers through the weekend. I’m still just impressed they all stayed in-tact and cooked so thoroughly despite being frozen!

Black bean burger

As they were finishing on the stove, I decided to get a bit creative with them. One set of burgers had a mozzarella cheese, some had sharp cheddar cheese and for one of my burgers I actually used feta cheese (though I wasn’t quite as hungry as I thought so some went uneaten).

Tomorrow evening I may try to find a sauce to pair with the other burgers just to jazz it up a bit. The feta cheese, though, was a surprisingly great contrast. And the green beans definitely helped even out the flavor. While I didn’t use sriracha like the recipe called for, I threw in crushed red peppers and some jerk chicken seasoning. The burgers had some fire to it so I appreciated the side of beans.

I’m glad I ending up choosing simple yet relatively healthy recipes to tackle this week — and they weren’t even crock pot recipes! We’ll be back in the swing of things before we know it…but for the time being, I’m going to smother my overly attached labrador. ❤


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  1. LOVE the Father of the Bride reference!

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