Keeping it simple

Easy is the name of the game for the next two weeks. And probably for a few days beyond that if I’m being honest.

I gave myself a mini-break by spending the three-day weekend with the parents. Now with my move only 10 days away (and I have yet to pack a single thing…), it’s time to get down to business. Plus getting back early Monday afternoon meant I wanted to keep my trip to the grocery store super short and sweet.

For my dinner last night (and thus leftovers for the rest of the week), I tried a crock pot spinach and mushroom lasagna. It required a bit more prep work and dirty dishes than my other crock pot recipes have, but it was absolutely worth the effort.

In part because it was on sale, I used whole wheat lasagna. I also decided to use Italian ground turkey in the spaghetti sauce layer, which I think makes a great difference. Once the sauce and the ricotta/spinach layers were ready, the lasagna was easy to assemble. Plus my crock pot is almost the perfect size for lasagna noodles. The only ones I really had to trim were along the long edges.

Two hours later, I had this beauty.

crockpot lasagna

Probably because it’s smaller than the 9×13 casserole I’d normally use for lasagna, the layers were much thicker. It didn’t feel as thin and flimsy, for lack of a better word, as lasagna often seems to be when I make it (which quite honestly isn’t that often). This crock pot lasagna actually reminded me of a thick piece you’d likely get at an Italian restaurant, but made right at home.

The ricotta/spinach layer was just as delicious as the mushroom/ground turkey layer, plus it was a great way to get in extra vegetables. And all together, it was the perfect blend.


Even the leftovers were fantastic — so much so that I don’t think I’ll have any problem eating it for the rest of the week.

Now if only I could motivate myself to start packing… Hurley’s just such a good distraction, especially since he’s so sleepy and cuddly from his weekend adventure!



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