Comfort in carbs…and a pup

There was no avoiding it. This week I was craving carbs, so that’s exactly what I indulged in with my two new recipes.

I started the week with a slow cooker beef stroganoff. I’m telling you, swiping a larger crock pot from the middle was a great move on my part. It’s been so convenient to throw something in when I get home from work and have the house smell fantastic when I get home from the gym a couple hours later.

The small catch with this recipe is that I had to cook the noodles once I got home. It meant I had dinner a little later than normal, though it was worth it in my book. As with my beef and broccoli recipe last week, I substituted beef stew meat for a different cut of steak. I think I added a bit too much worcestershire sauce (I forget that less is more with that…) but otherwise this really hit the spot. And ratio of noodles to sauce was perfect. The leftovers were just as delicious.


Later in the week I switched flavors and tried to at least get a bit more nutritional value out of my carbs (although brown rice or quinoa may have been a slightly better option). Enter baked chicken and orzo. I actually ended up using arborio rice because I couldn’t find orzo for a decent size or price. Such is life.

This recipe was really quick to whip together. It was a little hard to balance initially just because I boiled water and chicken bouillon cubes to make chicken broth. I’m also bad at not prepping before I jump into cooking (so I’m typically still chopping onion and garlic when the chicken is nearly done cooking and I feel a bit rushed).

Even with my slightly craziness/delays, it only took about 15 minutes or less to get everything sautéed and into the casserole dish. It looks a little bland, but it was anything but that. The rice is a bit dry as leftovers. At least the chicken flavor still stands out, though.

chicken and rice

I’d say I got my carb fix in for the week. Especially with the spring-like weather we’re supposed to have this weekend, I might be able to transition away from the comfort foods for at least a few days. Plus I know of one dog who has been super appreciative of the warmer weather since it means legit walks and upcoming trips to the dog park. I love when this little guy is worn out (in part because it makes him cuddly — I got 45 minutes with him on the couch last night!).



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