2015: Living with intention

Unlike last year, where I struggled with what word would best shape my goals and mindset for the new year, I’ve known for about three months what I wanted my word to be for 2015. This year I want to focus on living with intention.

Intention quotes

In some ways it builds on the things I talked about in 2014. I’m naturally very goal-oriented, but I want to be sure that the things I’m pursuing are in line with my values and ambitions. I don’t want to use goals as a scapegoat to where I have a false assumption that I’m progressing in something. What’s worth my time and energy to really put my heart into? Does how I spend my time, money and energy reflect my priorities?

Part of that process will be deciding what my priorities are and to what degree I invest myself in those areas already. It certainly ebbs and flows, depending on what’s going on at work or with my schedule (traveling, holidays, etc.). But am I giving Hurley the time/attention he needs? When I do allot time for work or other projects, is it getting my full attention? Are the relationships I have healthy?

I’ve started some of that reflection through the leadership institute, which is how I further confirmed that one of my core values is “well done is better than well said.” I want 2015 to be about living that value. If my health is important, then I want my actions to reflect that. It’s ridiculous how many times I say things like, “I should stretch more” or “I need to spend more time volunteering.” Instead of saying those statements (over and over and over again…), this year I want to actually do something about it.

To help with that, I’ve started a journal to jot down those “should” statements. What’s been on my radar that I just haven’t gotten around to for whatever reason? And I’m not documenting it as a way to have another to-do list. In some ways it might be that, but moreso I want a way to see what it is that I’ve said I’m going to do. What’s holding me back from doing those things? Time? Money? Or are they things I feel like I should do but don’t really want to? In some cases, I may just have to accept that something isn’t a priority for me or not something worth my time/money/energy.

For things that are a priority, though, I want that start being intentional about making it part of my life or at least making progress in that particular area. That’s where because I said I would came in handy. In fact, I made one of my goals for 2015 a promise to make sure I put my money where my mouth is.

because I said I would

Their facebook post from earlier this week got me even more jazzed up about my focus on intention this year:


I know there are a lot of naysayers when it comes to making resolutions, and admittedly it does seem strange to have this obscure date where you create them. But the sentiment couldn’t be more true: my health, my goals, my ambitions are not a joke. What am I doing to make progress on those very things? How can I step up and start doing all the things I say I would like to do?

That’s what 2015 will be about for me. It’s time to start living more out of intention instead of habit, to actually do the things I say I’m going to do. It’s a big undertaking and it will take some time and self-reflection, but like the year of daring myself, it’s exactly what I need.


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