Chow down central

So…does carbo loading count when it’s post-workout?

No? Because I’m pretty sure that’s what I ended up doing last night…

The recipe I intended to make before I got side-tracked by the zucchini dish earlier this week was a chicken broccoli and mushroom stir-fry. I didn’t follow the directions quite as planned in that I put everything in the pan at once. I guess technically I started cooking the chicken first, but then I figured it would save time and dishes if I just cooked/sautéed it all together. Priorities, right?


Otherwise the only real modification I made was throwing in some crushed red pepper, among a few other seasonings. And sadly I couldn’t track down ginger (which I love!) at the grocery store, so I opted for ginger seasoning instead. It surprisingly did the trick. There was just enough spice to add flavor but not too much.

stir fry

I probably should have waited until it cooled down or at least stopped steaming before I tried to get a photo of it…

It was completely my intent to pair it with brown rice to keep it somewhat on the healthy side. Then I spotted the wheat angel hair pasta and decided to run with that instead (though I wish I would have had a slightly thicker noodle to make it more like a lo mein). Given how much sauce I ended up with, I’m glad I went with pasta — if only because it really hit the spot.

stir fry 2

I’m not sure if it was a rough spin class or what, but I couldn’t get enough. Thank goodness I’d already portioned out the leftovers or I really would have been in trouble…


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