Pleasant surprises

I’m not sure if, after years of attempting new recipes, I’m finally getting better at picking dishes I’ll actually like or what. Two recipes in the last week have really hit the spot – and what’s even better is they were really quick and easy to whip up after the gym.

Last week I decided to make a variation of a chicken sweet potato hash. I’ve really been on a skillet kick lately, although I don’t make them anywhere near as well as the middle’s boyfriend. Part of my issue is I don’t have a ton of experience in making eggs (other than scrambled) so I was a bit apprehensive for how it would turn out. It looked a bit messy and the texture wasn’t quite what I expected, but I was over the moon with this recipe.

I will mention I didn’t use chicken. Instead I threw in leftover ground turkey I had from the sweet potato casserole I made earlier in the week. I’m sure chicken would be just as good. I mostly made the switch for simplicity sake.

Breakfast hash

The best part is that it even made for good leftovers the next morning for breakfast. Double win!

My other cooking surprise was completely unintentional. Tonight I went to the grocery story and didn’t have any ingredients for the smoked sausage and zucchini recipe I spotted on pinterest the other day. But then I saw zucchini was on sale and the chicken andouille sausage was not only one sale, but got me some cents off gas. How could I turn it down?

The only real modification I made to this recipe was adding in mushrooms (put them in along with the onions and garlic to better sauté them) and a few extra seasonings, including cajun. Immediately I loved all the color (and Hurley loved the smell).


I thought about pairing it with rice or pasta like the recipe mentioned, but I figured this was a good low-carb dish to have after spin class. Although I could certainly see where it would be a great pasta dish. I’m half tempted to get diced Italian tomatoes and throw it all together with pasta in a couple weeks to take a new spin on it.

Part of me doesn’t want to jinx the good luck I’ve had with trying new dishes lately. Fingers crossed the one for tomorrow works well, too!


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