Mexican mix-up and puppy love

I’ve found I really can’t go wrong with Mexican dishes. Soups and pasta can be hit or miss, and having heaping leftovers of something I’m not over the moon about makes for a rough week. But somehow Mexican recipes rarely fail to disappoint.

Tonight I used the Mexican sweet potato casserole as a baseline, for lack of a better word. I knew I was going to make a few modifications (I was a little torn on asparagus and it wasn’t on sale, and for some reason I’m not a huge fan of salsa unless it’s with tortilla chips). And then I realized I didn’t have quinoa like I thought I did, which prompted me to put in ground turkey.

So to recap, no asparagus, quinoa or salsa but instead ground turkey, corn and lots of seasoning (namely paprika, cayenne pepper, red pepper flakes and cumin). Sometimes I wonder why I bother looking up recipes in the first place…

Although the ingredients were slightly different, I stuck with the baking instructions and was pleasantly surprised by how simple it was to whip up. I actually did a lot of the prep work before going to the gym so I could just throw it in the oven once I got back. Forty minutes later I had a captive audience (he loves watching me cook and not just to beg).


I ended up adding in banana peppers (thank you chicken nachos from Addisons in Columbia) and green olives as well since I had them on hand (unlike quinoa…). De-licious!

Mexican casserole

Hurley was a little disappointed to not et any scraps, but I’m excited for the leftovers this week. My guess is the red pepper flakes and smoked tabasco sauce I threw on will add a bit more heat to it. And you never know — maybe next time I make this I’ll actually be able to throw in the quinoa…

And speaking of Hurley (just to give my readers a glimpse of how much humor and headache he adds to my life), he’s become obsessed with tree branches lately. In fact, just last week he tried taking one off the small tree in my backyard (he stopped tugging once he saw my jaw drop). He’s been on the hunt for the biggest he can find at the dog park, and yet he’s somehow always surprised when he goes galloping through the wooded area and nearly gets whiplash because his branch doesn’t fit through the trees. Some people’s dogs…


He’s lucky he’s so damn cute. ❤


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