Another #challenge

I think I’ve reached a new level of crazy. Just last night, I signed up for yet another social media-esque challenge.

For the past 83 days, I’ve continued the #100fitdays challenge on Instagram. I blogged after starting it that I wasn’t sure I would stick with it. As the days went on, though, it became increasingly harder to just stop. “I’m already at day 43. Why stop now?!” I can’t say it’s had the effect I wanted it to when I signed up for the challenge, but I’m oddly glad I stuck with it.

The other challenge has been less daunting time-wise, thankfully. Prompted by the little, I decided to do the #30DayBookChallange on twitter. I haven’t been as diligent about that, primarily because it’s hard for me to commit to favorite books. It’s even harder when I haven’t read much fiction in the last couple years, making it difficult to select a favorite male character, for instance. But I’m 8 days away from wrapping up that challenge.

Perhaps being in the final stretch of both challenges is what prompted me to take on a new one. I think it will bring a bit more meaning and accountability than #100fitdays, or at least I hope it will. It may even be more enjoyable for my followers, too.

Starting this week I’m taking on the #intentionalblogging challenge (I have to confess I’m over the hashtags, though). Essentially I’m striving to blog for 21 days in a row this month (at least that’s the gist I picked up from the website. I’ve been seeing different descriptions from comments on the facebook group dedicated to the challenge, so we’ll see…).

I can’t quite tell you what prompted me to hit submit with my blog information. Many bloggers, including the guy who created the challenge, are writers. They often use blogging as a way to become more disciplined in their work and to practice their craft. That’s not necessarily the case for me (and not because I’m scared of the word writer or wouldn’t classify myself as such). What is true for me, though, is what the challenger also found through his blogging experience:

I started writing with greater clarity, understanding myself and what I wanted out of life, and ended up changing some people’s lives in the process.

That’s why I blog. I write for me, and also for the off-chance that one of my 171 followers (only two dozen or so of them I actually know) connect with what I’m saying, either because it resonates with them or creates the “a-ha!” moments I love so much.

In some ways I feel like my blog is the truest sense of myself, at least the introspective part. Not only that, but there’s also an accountability piece that I likely wouldn’t have otherwise. I could easily write down my 30 Before 30 list in a journal or craft something onto scrapbooking paper. But then I could guarantee you I’d have a much less chance of success with it.

Blogging has somehow become more than just a hobby for me. With all my traveling and random events going on in September, I missed having that forum. It’s time to dedicate more time to it, if only for my own sanity. Plus (speaking of that 30 Before 30 list) this will help me meet my larger goal of hitting 500 blog posts (only 62 to go after this post!).

Maybe all of this was subconsciously going through my mind when I decided to sign up for the challenge. We’ll just have to see what those 21 days hold. I’m sure a few days into it I’ll feel like I’ve got no original content or inspiration, but that’s when you have to dig deep. And with my year of daring myself, I am no stranger to that!


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I'm a twentysomething young professional living in Nebraska. My blog centers on the things I love - my family, dogs, friends, crafting, cooking, life chats and health. All these things help me lead the good life, and isn't that really what it's all about?

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