Baking breakfast and dinner

Contrary to the title, I actually didn’t bake both of these on the same day…

You’d be surprised to learn how many of my muffins/breads are a result of bananas starting to turn. That was the case with the skinny banana blueberry muffins I made on Friday afternoon. Thankfully I managed to have all the ingredients on hand (you never know when you start making skinny and healthy recipes since they generally replace sugar with something).

You’ll have to ignore the odd one in the bottom left corner. I don’t have toothpicks so I often opt to stick a knife into the center and I probably got distracted trying to make sure Hurley didn’t get too close to the oven (sometimes he’s a bit too much help in the kitchen and I really don’t need another vet visit).


While I enjoyed the muffins, they didn’t seem to keep well. I made them on Friday and by Tuesday morning I couldn’t eat them. I’m not sure if it’s because I stored them in tupperware or I waited too long to use the bananas. At least I got a few good muffins out of it and I got my blueberry fix. Next on the docket is a pumpkin flavored muffin or bread (I’ve already added the pumpkin syrup to my coffee at Starbucks twice… and it hasn’t even been out two weeks).

Sunday night I attempted a loaded baked potato and buffalo chicken casserole. I’ll admit I had my reservations based on two things. One, the pinterest link suggested that the casserole was healthy. Not entirely sure on that… Two, it seemed a bit odd to combine potatoes with buffalo chicken into one dish. But, I was craving buffalo chicken and needed something that would yield leftovers for the week at work.

Sadly I opted not to get the bacon for the recipe. I actually think it would have made a great addition. I made a rookie mistake in not cooking the potatoes for the full 45-50 minutes like the recipe said. Mine were started to get crispy at the 30-minute mark, but they ended up being less crispy 20 minutes later. Probably from the added sauce and raw chicken (as the initial blogger noted, I was a little skeptical throwing the raw chicken on what seemed to be fully cooked potatoes, but it worked).

Buffalo chicken casserole

This more than hit the spot! I was a little nervous the leftovers wouldn’t be as good since the potatoes wouldn’t be all that crispy, but somehow it seems to be better. I don’t know if it has more time to soak up the buffalo sauce or what. Whatever it is, I love it. But like pumpkin flavors, I’ve also been craving buffalo… Must be fall/football season (says the girl who doesn’t really watch football)?

The only thing I didn’t like about this dish is that it doesn’t have a vegetable incorporated. I paired it with zucchini, but it didn’t really do the trick. A co-worker suggested adding cauliflower to the casserole or at least having celery and/or a salad as a side dish. Might be an option for the future.


The best part about dinner, though? I got to eat it while sitting on my comfy dining rooms chairs. Have I mentioned how much I love them?!


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I'm a twentysomething young professional living in Nebraska. My blog centers on the things I love - my family, dogs, friends, crafting, cooking, life chats and health. All these things help me lead the good life, and isn't that really what it's all about?

One response to “Baking breakfast and dinner

  1. I made a healthy chicken salad from Pinterest that I just couldn’t stomach. I think I picked too healthy of a dish. That loaded baked potatoe and buffalo chicken casserole looks awesome!

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