Labor Day laboring

I’m typing this entry from the comfort of my newly recovered dining room chairs. But first, the before photo.

Table Before

It’s not that it’s a bad table per say. It was a solid $100 investment for my apartment during graduate school. But the cream/white chairs were never going to last with me around, and they left much to be desired in terms of comfort. In fact, I normally put a fleece pillow on top of the chair if I anticipated sitting for more than 10 minutes.

Recovering them has been on my to-do list since I moved almost six months ago (it’s hard to believe it’s been that long already!), but I was torn on color. With a pink entertainment center, a light blue rug and an orange coffee pot, I felt like I had to be somewhat careful in my color selection. Although I went into the store with the hopes of finding a slate blue/gray color, it was inevitably a purple that caught my eye. Then the middle had a genius idea — do two chairs purple, and the other two the chevron pattern just a few rows up from the purple. Yes, please!

I also bought 2 inch cushion foam to add more support to the chair. We anticipated scrapping the old foam but decided to keep it on the chair for two reason. One, it would definitely offer more comfort. Two, the foam was already wrapped around the wood base of the chair, meaning we wouldn’t have to worry about getting the new form around the wood, which would save us time (and headaches).

Once the foam piece was squared away, next came the task of figuring out how to effectively wrap the fabric around the foam. Essentially the middle treated it like wrapping a Christmas present. And I had the honors of using the staple gun to secure it in place. (Let that sentence sink in for a minute. A staple gun, people! I got to use one!)

You can tell there’s more padding on the chair now, and the comfort alone is worth the size difference. Plus the patterns are so fun!


The entire project took us* about two hours.

*By us, I really mean the middle. She did the staple removal from the old covering, the fabric wrapping job for the new covering and screwed them back on to the chairs. I mostly just used the staple gun and provided lots of witty commentary.

The transformation was much needed and already my dining room feels even more complete (I’ve been putting off hanging any wall art on the open wall because I wasn’t sure what color my cushions would end up being). Not bad for a four-hour $50 project!

Table After

Like I mentioned, I couldn’t have done this without the middle, though. Clearly Hurley wasn’t going to be much help…

Hurley Help

With that project marked off my to-do list, I’m just about ready to tackle my next DIY project. Here’s a small hint — it involves a sander (another big tool I’m really excited to use!) and teal/turquoise paint. Oh, and the middle. I still need supervision for most projects requiring tools…


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