Cooking highs and lows

Last week I had two very contrasting cooking experiences. One I can’t wait to make again, and the other I didn’t even eat once it was done.

At least it started off on a good note. Last Sunday I made an enchilada spaghetti squash. It sounds a little odd, but I assure you it is fabulous. I did swap out chicken for ground turkey, but otherwise the recipe was incredibly simple to follow (probably because I didn’t actually make the enchilada sauce from scratch. Getting a can at the grocery store was a much easier option). Pure deliciousness.


It’s definitely the spaghetti squash that sells it since it has a bit of a crunch to it, for lack of a better word. I doubt it would work with any other pasta, though having not tried it I can’t be sure. I still can’t get over how much I enjoyed the dish, even as leftovers.


My second new recipe was far from that successful. Although the lentil sloppy joes sounded and looked great, it was anything but. The carrots dominated the flavor of the sauce, and even after 40 minutes, the lentils still weren’t fully cooked. To say it was a bust was an understatement.

Sloppy joe

Thankfully the only real investment (other than time) I made for this dish was the lentils. Plus I had a backup plan. The last time I tried a dish with lentils it was also a bust. Perhaps third time is the charm? I’m not in a rush to find out, though…


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