Three for three

A humid day probably wasn’t ideal for baking, but the cloudy skies and strong chance of rain made me feel like it was perfect timing. Plus the banana oatmeal breakfast muffins were so incredibly easy that I’ll undoubtedly be making them again.

I’ll admit I was nervous about these for two reasons. One, I didn’t have quite the amount of greek yogurt the recipe called for but didn’t realize it until I’d already started mixing everything together (though isn’t that a mistake I typically make?). Thankfully it didn’t seem to make a big difference, at least from what I can tell.

The other concern I had was using the food processor to mix everything together. Often for baking recipes it says not to overmix, and I figured the food processor would be overkill. But you know what? It did wonders! It seriously took all of 30 seconds to mix everything up nicely, which was especially helpful with the mashing of the bananas. While the batter looked a bit runny compared to other breads and muffins I’ve made, they turned out to be perfect in the end.

banana muffins

Later came a (hopefully) equally healthy dinner. It almost put the black bean casserole to shame, though I can’t quite figure out why. I didn’t even follow a recipe on this one, with the exception of the copycat Chipotle cilantro lime rice recipe. But even that one I barely followed. I just made basmati rice (surprisingly made a big difference) and then threw in lime juice and cilantro.

A friend and I tag-teamed cooking this, and I want to say it was ready in 20 minutes or less. The ground turkey only has a bit of taco seasoning, cumin and red pepper flakes. Mixed with the copycat rice, black beans, tomatoes and corn, it was a refreshingly delicious Mexican dish. It didn’t even dawn on me until I had leftovers for lunch today that I didn’t add cheese. The flavor (probably thanks to the rice) was so great that I didn’t miss the cheese. Now that’s saying something.

lettuce taco

For dessert (as if I hadn’t already cooked enough on Friday) I decided to try a cheesecake greek yogurt recipe (and in the process found a homemade dog treat to bake for Hurley later this fall). I’ll admit I ended up doubling the amount of cheesecake mix so it had more of a cheesecake flavor. We paired it with strawberries, making it a light summer dessert. I like it, but I wouldn’t say I’m in love with it. It’ll probably just be something I toss into my greek yogurt occasionally.

Needless to say, I ended up with a very productive Friday afternoon/evening. I love when I get a solid block of time to try new recipes and share it with good company.


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