Dog days of summer

I wasn’t joking earlier this week when I said I have no idea where the time goes. This post is almost a week late already (which in some ways doesn’t matter since I’m going to be that crazy dog lady who shows off her labrador). Really it’s only the photos that are important (says the biased dog mama…).

Last Friday afternoon started with a bath. Well, technically it started with the dog park so he could get in a good swim before I took him to Canine Scrub. To say I love this local business is an understatement. They supply everything (and I mean everything – including an array of brushes, hairdryers, perfumes, ear cleaning supplies and the basics) you might need to give your dog a bath and they clean up after, which in itself is fantastic. Plus they post photos of the freshly cleaned canines on Facebook.


I may have smothered him that night, not just because he was so incredibly soft that I couldn’t help myself, but because I knew the next night he wouldn’t be pinned to my side. The middle, her boyfriend and I were headed to Kansas City for Husker night at the Royals game (though I have to admit it was odd to be back in Missouri). Wanting Hurley to make a good first impression on his dogsitter, he got the dog park to himself at 6:45 a.m. on Saturday. This guy never has a shortage of energy.

2014-08-09 07.01.35

Oh, and he also got a puppachino from Starbucks. It was the barista’s idea, not mine (surprisingly). I made him share with his cousin Mocha so he wasn’t the only pooch with a sugar high.


The highlight of the weekend, though, was going to the Dog Splash event at one of the local pools on Sunday evening. Before they drain the pool, they let dogs swim to their heart’s content for two hours. I’m pretty sure it’s now Hurley favorite day of the year. This guy literally swam until he could swim no more. And he won hearts over with his tennis ball dedication and persistence. A few dogs didn’t retrieve their ball, at which point owners would come over to me and say, “Hey, will your dog get that one, too?” Hurley happily obliged.

dog splash

You could say he’s been a bit worn out lately with all his activity. It’s a good thing he’s not shy about making himself comfortable. And it means more cuddle time for mama.


(I warned you the post wouldn’t have much substance. Just a crazy dog lady with too many photos…)


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