Dash of variety

Given I switched out the main ingredient in the dish and listed in the name, I feel slightly guilty saying that I made a chorizo sweet potato skillet. I’m not sure if Italian ground turkey sausage is quite the same as chorizo, but it was an easy enough swap for me.

Naturally that wasn’t the only modification I made. Instead of white rice I used brown, and I also added sautéed onions and red kidney beans. Why not beef up the flavor and protein, right?

I almost couldn’t help but laugh as I was making the dish last night. It’s essentially the quinoa sweet potato chili once you swap the quinoa for brown rice and lose the baked beans and tomato base. It involved about the same amount of prep time (mostly dicing and can opening) and slightly less for the simmer. Once cheese was added, I was excited to dig into the meal.


I also made another modification, though this was entirely accidental — I added an avocado as a garnish, if you will. That’s what a recipe I’m hoping to make later in the week calls for, and apparently the wires got crossed in my brain. But adding avocado is never a bad thing in my book.

With avocado

It’s almost hard to describe the dish. When I get the ground turkey, it feels like an Italian recipe. The sweet potato gives is almost a sweet flavor that counters the spiciness of the Italian turkey sausage. Then the combination of beans, rice and cheese made it feel like a Mexican dish.

That diversity could be why I liked it so much. It kept my taste buds on their toes, with each bite being slightly different. And I loved that it left me feeling full for a substantial amount of time without feeling bloated. It’s a great new twist on black beans and rice that I’ll absolutely be making again. Perhaps, dare I say, even before I make the chili again!


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