Festivities and food

As luck would have it, Hurley ended up going to the vet on his birthday. Something at the dog park (the vet suspects he got stung) caused an allergic reaction. His snout swelled up and hives showed up on his head. He looked so pitiful! All I wanted to do was squeeze his little chubby swollen face (as did most of the veterinary staff and other visitors because of how sweet he looked, particularly being glued to my side).

2014-07-03 17.53.08

All I’ll say is that the vet is lucky she got a calm mama (I wasn’t feeling so calm internally…) and he got lots of cuddles that night.

By yesterday morning he was feeling much better. Although I normally love the 4th of July festivities with lots of fireworks, Hurley does not (same is true for thunderstorms because of all the loud noises). We decided to keep it low-key with good food and fun yard games.

I love using gatherings as an opportunity to try new dishes. I knew I wanted to try a strawberry salsa, but there were so many different variations. Ultimately I decided to try this strawberry salsa with cinnamon sugar chips, which turned out to be a great decision (although I cut the amount of strawberry preserves in half since it seemed to give it a less fresh taste).


As you can probably tell from the photo, I kept my strawberries in the food processor a little too long (that thing is such a huge timesaver, though!). But overall it was a big success. The middle was going to use it for a party she’s got today, and I’m definitely going to throw it into my rotation of snacks — once I find a slightly healthier alternative for chips and minimize the sugar in the salsa.

Knowing how much the middle loves broccoli salad, I also tried this quick and easy broccoli salad recipe. It was super easy to follow, and my only modification was using turkey bacon. The salad definitely needs to be chilled in the refrigerator. I was nervous when I first mixed it together because there was so much liquid (even after I drained some of the water), but by the time we got it out for dinner, it was the right consistency and mix.

broccoli salad

Particularly with the gorgeous weather, I’d deem this 4th of July a success. I’m not sure what Hurley’s take on it was, though. He’s still in bed trying to recuperate from all the activities and festivities…


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I'm a twentysomething young professional living in Nebraska. My blog centers on the things I love - my family, dogs, friends, crafting, cooking, life chats and health. All these things help me lead the good life, and isn't that really what it's all about?

2 responses to “Festivities and food

  1. i am sorry about what ahppened to your dog but i am glad he is better. Yea my dog doesnt like loud noises either so we dont do much but that doesnt mean we dont have fun ha, you can still drink and have a good time without loud noises. I love the pictures of food you have, i love making new things and then getting to try them after and i hope just hope they taste as good as they look and hopefully for you those pictures you posted taste that good too.

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