Thankful Thursday #15

How lucky for me that Hurley’s birthday falls on Thursday, making him a perfect subject for my Thankful Thursday post!

Today my highly energetic labrador turns five. He’s only been mine for about three months now, but already I can barely remember life without him (at least in Lincoln). And even if I can remember certain things — like how much space I used to have in my bed — I’m very aware when he’s missing from the equation. The one night I’ve been away from him, it didn’t feel right to not have him essentially pinned to my legs. No matter what side of the bed I sleep on (I’ve switched back and forth to see where I can get more space…) or how much I toss and turn, he’s right there.


Naturally I couldn’t help but spoil him today. He got extra cuddle time this morning, an ice cream cone when I got home from work, a trip to the dog park to break in his new tennis balls, a big bone (he likes to carry it around the house for about two or three days before actually eating it) and I set up his very own kiddie pool since he loves the water so much (seeing him swim at the dog park never fails to put a smile on my face).

The endearing thing about Hurley is that he would have thought it was the best day ever just getting to go to the dog park, especially on a week night. He’s that easy to please.

photo 1

Seriously — can he can any cuter? He gives the best hugs (I’m talking front paws on your shoulders kind of hug), has the sweetest smile and is easily one of the most happy-go-lucky and affectionate dogs I’ve ever met. And he’s mine!

Now if you’ll allow me a sentimental moment…

My first day with him, I ended up crying. I cried for the sadness his previous owners must have felt in giving him up (I’ve only had him a small fraction of that time and it would be devastating for me). I cried for the fear and uncertainty I felt in being a single dog mom, knowing he’s my sole responsibility. But mostly I cried because after years of wanting my own dog, it finally happened. I got my Hurley.


And I really couldn’t have ended up with a better best friend.


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