Wednesday whirlwind

I just have to say, I rocked Wednesday night.

Within minutes of getting home, I had Hurley out the door for a walk. We got back with just enough time for me to try a new meal, which I finished about ten minutes before heading out the door for a meetup group event — a big undertaking for an introvert like myself.

For dinner I decided to try a new black bean burger and nixed the bun, as this recipe did. I added mushrooms since I had extra on hand and love them, but I was very conscious about making sure I stuck to the recipe so that it stayed entact while it was cooking. More often than not, I end up destroying black bean burgers to the point where only one or two look presentable…

Thankfully that wasn’t the case with these. It’s possible I may have my food processor to thank for that. Not only did it really speed up the dicing, smashing and mixing process, it also made for a better consistency than I’ve had in making the could because I got to use a food process this time, which really speeded up the mixing and dicing process.

Although I was tempted to try the rice listed with the black bean burger, I opted for something a little more unique. This garlic mushroom quinoa almost seemed like a risotto that would hopefully pair well with the burger. It was a bit difficult to time this with the burgers, but that was the only hiccup with it. I really liked that it didn’t use chicken broth or cream of chicken and still had tons of flavor. Adding the peas probably had something to do with that, and I probably used slightly more parmesan cheese than the recipe called for (but can you blame me?).

I also lucked out in that it made great portion sizes for my remaining leftovers. (Since I’ve made variations of both dishes before, I didn’t bother getting photos of them individually.)

burger & risotto

It’s hard for me to decide how much I liked it as a meal, primarily because I was over the moon with my sweet potato quinoa chili. I’d definitely make the black bean burgers again (next time with buns) since they stayed in burger form. Something tells me Hurley wouldn’t be opposed to it either (because how could I not let him try it with that cute little face?).


What’s funny is that before going to bed, there was a chapter in the book I’m reading that essentially explained how my evening went…and why I don’t want that to become my mode of living, no matter how productive and successful I felt:

“I love it when a day’s activities stack up on top of each other perfectly, from breakfast to work to lunch to grocery shopping to coffee, all the way through till I fall into bed. … Or really, I love the idea of that way of living, so I sign myself up for it every chance I get. And then I realize in the moment that it isn’t what I wanted at all. After a while, I’m frantic and tired and not really listening when people are talking.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. But more on that in a few days when I finish reading Bittersweet.


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