Savory success

I had to consider the spicy black bean tacos I made on Wednesday night a success for a couple of reasons:

  1. I bought and used a whole green pepper. (I even threw some in a salad!)
  2. My food processor was finally used for something other than banana ice cream.
  3. Except for one meal (when I was at a mini-conference for work), I ate vegetarian for six days.

To be honest, these weren’t in the forefront when I decided on the recipe. I saw it on pinterest, it sounded good and I put it into my weekly lineup for meals. And thank goodness I did.

While I followed the directions for the black bean portion, I did make one swap to the corn salsa. Instead of the red peppers I used three tomatoes. I figured it was more like a salsa that way and I’m not overly fond of red peppers. Just to be safe, I only used a portion of the jalapeno and onion.

To say I loved this is an understatement — and that’s saying something. There was a crunchiness to the black beans that almost made it better than ground beef or turkey. And the salsa? Fantastic! I actually ended up adding more to my tacos because it was so fresh and full of flavor. It will definitely be one of my staple summer dishes.

Screen shot 2014-06-12 at 10.18.53 PM

Another perk is that, between that and the Tuscan chicken skillet minus the chicken earlier in the week, I ended up eating primarily vegetarian.

Doing that wasn’t entirely unintentional, though I don’t have plans to become a vegetarian. I recently finished reading Gutbliss and thought I’d make a more concerted effort to focus on fruits, vegetables and beans. It also didn’t hurt that at a mini-conference on Wednesday (coincidentally my only meal including meat this work week), Dr. Ann gave the luncheon speech. Her guidance isn’t all that different from the standard dietary guidelines. What sold it for me was her focus on the brain and the impact nutrients (or lack thereof) can have on it. Since my brain is my money-maker, I hopped back on the health bandwagon full force.

(As a side note, I’ve opted to not blog about every book I read. Some aren’t all that pertinent to my theme or worth writing about, with Rob Lowe’s autobiographies being an example. Although I will say he surprised me as a writer. Those two books weren’t even on my radar until I was drawn into an excerpt about sending his son off to college. I was surprised by how moved I was reading it and that it was so relatable to my own experience, minus it being his son.)

Thankfully I’ve found a recipe that hits the mark when it comes to nutrition and taste. I made more corn salsa this afternoon with the remaining ingredients and even the middle is now obsessed with it. Let’s hope this health kick lasts, if only for an opportunity to find equally fresh and delicious recipes.


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