Embracing the good life

Three years ago to the day, I started this blog (hard to believe, huh?). While initially I hadn’t intended to revamp my blog on this specific date, it did provide a good deadline to actually make the switch…

A couple months ago I wrote about changing the concept of my blog. Although the content wouldn’t change much, the theme of navigating life after school didn’t seem to apply anymore (seeing all the recent Facebook posts/photos about finals and then graduation very much reminded me of that). Plus I wanted a layout that seem a bit more bright and bold (mission accomplished!).

The struggle was trying to find a new theme or concept, particularly since the content would be more or less the same. How are recipes, DIY/craft projects and life chat musings summarized in a creative or witty way? Nothing jumped out at me. I did find some inspiration from Dwell on Joy and Lizzy Writes, and while it seemed comparable to what I blog about, it almost seemed too professional and structured for me. Sometimes it feels like there’s no rhyme or reason in the topics and life ponderings I blog about. I guess I’m just not as settled, for lack of a better word.

Throughout the searching, though, one idea was always in the back of my mind. A day or two after mentioning I wanted to change my blog name, Lindsay suggested making it about the good life. Since I was moving to Nebraska (where the state motto is The Good Life), it seemed like a good fit in embracing my new surroundings and life. And undoubtedly, I’ve been able to capture new DIY projects for my house and love showing off my fur baby.

It didn’t seem concrete enough until I ran across this article. (It’s Are You Making the Most Out of Life? Here’s How You Can in the event the link doesn’t go directly to the article.) Mistake number two sold it for me — you can’t put the good life on hold.

That captures what I’m trying to embrace now. You really can’t put happiness or your health or experiencing life on hold. Despite knowing that, it’s still a struggle for me (which is partially why I made this year about daring myself). My mentality has always been “first I’ll do this [finish a project, save money, workout, etc] and then I can enjoy (fill in the blank).” I’ll travel when I have more money. I’ll take that class when I have more time. I’m generally one to play it safe.

But as the old saying goes, if you wait for the right conditions to do something, it’s probably never going to happen.

Case in point: Hurley. I’ll be honest that I didn’t feel entirely ready to take on a dog of my own (particularly since it happened in a 72-hour window). It requires time and money that I hadn’t adequately planned for and it felt rushed given I’d only been in Lincoln for a month. But had I waited for the right conditions, I wouldn’t have my baby bear. He brings a level of happiness to my life that I absolutely couldn’t get anywhere else and he’s been the perfect addition to my life (and my doggie niece’s as well).

And really, it works because I’ve been able to find a good balance. That’s why I loved that the article’s summary point was that “the Good Life is a balance, and must be, because there isn’t a finish line.”

One of the big aspects of navigating life after school was realizing that, for the first time, there wasn’t a finish line in my life. I wasn’t working toward the end of a semester or degree. And when I tried to have self-imposed finish lines through goals, there wasn’t the sense of fulfillment I thought there would be. You accomplish the goal (like getting a dog), but then what?

That’s what my blog captures — the “then what” part. It’s my attempt to find balance and meaning, to embrace and enjoy the life that I’m incredibly fortunate to have, whether it’s through cooking or crafting or a Thought Catalog article I can’t help but share. Goals will always be important to me (and no way am I going to ditch the 30 Before 30 list!) but I also recognize the need to stop putting life on hold by hiding behind those goals and having a more well-rounded life, if you will.

So although it technically started two months ago, I’m officially embracing the good life! With my Type A tendencies that are heightened by all my coffee consumption, of course.


About dakotalizzie

I'm a twentysomething young professional living in Nebraska. My blog centers on the things I love - my family, dogs, friends, crafting, cooking, life chats and health. All these things help me lead the good life, and isn't that really what it's all about?

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