Tuscan turning point

The recipe I tried last night was vastly different from my crock-pot heavy recipes. Although I added pasta to it, the tuscan chicken skillet was (thankfully) not heavy and it didn’t feel overly processed. It felt like a good first step to getting back on track.

I did veer off-course a little bit with the recipe. In part because I forgot to buy an onion, I didn’t include that in the recipe. I nixed the sun-dried tomatoes (while I enjoy them, I wasn’t about to pay $5 for a small bottle) and stuck with the Italian blend of the diced tomatoes instead of fire-roasted.

Since it was paired with pasta, adding a can of tomato sauce would be an option. I liked just using the crushed tomatoes as the sauce, probably because I wasn’t wanting anything too heavy. And really, I could have done without the chicken to make it more of a vegetarian dish. It was the mushrooms and surprisingly the cannellini beans I liked the most. Throw on some parmesan cheese and I had a great looking dish.

tuscan pasta

Unfortunately I didn’t get to fully enjoy the end product. Warning sirens started going off with all the thunderstorm and tornado warnings, and poor little Hurley does not do well with storms. I rushed through dinner, saved the dishes for later and took Hurley over to hang out with his cousin Mocha as a distraction. Thankfully it worked (for the most part).

I don’t want to speak too soon, but I’m almost betting this will make the cut for recipes I’d make again/frequently. It worked great for leftovers at lunch today and was relatively easy to make — particularly if I nix the chicken next time. Thank goodness I finally had a success story in the kitchen!


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