Saturday night in

For some reason I’ve gotten into the habit of cooking on Saturdays. It could be that the combination of BodyCombat and the dog park in the morning gets me energized for the day.

(Side note: I was really bummed last month when I had to say goodbye to my favorite kickboxing, zumba and spinning instructors. Just when I’m adjusting to new instructors, I found out today was my favorite BodyCombat instructor’s last class and the zumba instructor I really like is leaving in three weeks. Seriously?!)

Anyway…this evening I was on dog duty so I decided to make garlic parmesan chicken lasagna bake. Needless to say, I had a captive audience.


I decided to make one modification that I started to second guess after the damage was already done. While the butter was melting for the sauce, I threw in mushrooms to sauté them a bit for the lasagna bake. Thankfully it turned out fine and I’m glad I added them, but I wasn’t sure if that would mess with the consistency of the sauce.

Although I was really nervous about the sauce (I’ve mentioned before that the whole butter/milk/flour sauce mixture rarely works for me), luck must have been on my side. It was a little questionable when I got clumps after adding the flour. But adding the milk in one cup at a time and throwing in a whole bunch of seasonings (why is it that most recipes call for so little seasonings?! Or am I just the weird one?) did the trick. It thickened well and thankfully wasn’t runny like my other attempts have been.

When I added the breadcrumbs to the top at the end, I also decided to add cheddar cheese. It felt like it might need that extra pop of flavor, and that proved to be the case. I wish I would have added more seasoning or even cheese to the sauce to give it more oopmh, but lesson learned. It’s definitely the top layer that sells the lasagna bake.

lasagna bake

I’m not entirely sure if I’ll get through all the leftovers, but it was definitely a dish worth trying.


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