Interesting twist

Tonight’s dinner prep and execution required a bit more finangling than I bargained for when I initially had the idea… I’d say it was a pinterest fail, but I can’t really say where I went wrong.

When I let the middle and her boyfriend know I was making parmesan meatloaf at some point this week, both of them were up for trying it. Not wanting too many leftovers, it seemed like a fabulous dinner night.

Given all my indulging last weekend when the parents were in town (I’m happy to report they loved little Hurley, too!), it was in my best interest to get to one of my favorite gym classes tonight. The only difficulty was that it was at 5:30…and I now have a dog. It seemed unfair to leave him home for the work day and then some.

Thankfully the middle invited Hurley over to see my little doggie niece while we went to class, so I planned accordingly. I made the pasta sauce on Monday night, using the linked sauce from the parmesan meatloaf as a basis. Once I got home from work, I whipped up the meatloaf and had everything ready to be put in the oven. Her boyfriend put the meatloaf in the oven while we were in class and, had the timing work out the way I’d planned, we would have been back just in time to cook the pasta and eat.

Unfortunately after it had been baking for an hour, it still wasn’t done. Or anywhere close to done. The center was completely rare and, according to the meat thermometer, 40 degrees lower than it should have been at to be considered even remotely done.


Being impatient and hungry, we decided to speed up the process. I cut the loaf into slices and laid them out in a baking pan, at which point we put them back into the oven on broil Probably 15 minutes later, they were ready for cheese. Then it finally looked edible.


The final product looked more like pasta and meatballs…but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. At least the meatloaf had lots of flavor (I probably quadrupled the amount of seasonings listed in the recipe…) and we were able to enjoy a great Italian dinner.


Like I said, this ended up being a bit more work than I bargained for and it doesn’t score any points on presentation. But I can’t deny it was a pretty good meal and now I’ve only got two meals worth of leftovers. Always look on the bright side, right?


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