Two cooks in the kitchen

Let me tell you, crock pot recipes are the way to go (although I have to confess I was really nervous leaving it unattended with Hurley, though he was an angel while I was gone)!

The other night I made slow cooker chicken stroganoff and I’m still enjoying the leftovers (and that’s saying something for me). A friend of mine actually makes a similar recipe, which is what drew me to it initially, though I do wish it were a bit healthier.

I only used a small amount of butter and used the reduced fat cream cheese (yes, Liz, keep telling yourself that it makes is less unhealthy…). I wish there was a way to get away from the cream of chicken, but it had the creamy sauce that I’ve been craving. Sometimes you just have to scrap all the healthier alternatives and just go with what you like. Hopefully that means I’ve got my fix and can steer clear from it for awhile.

chicken stroganoff

In retrospect I should have added vegetables to it to at least increase my veggie consumption or add a bit of color, but I liked it just the way it was. And the benefit of the Italian seasoning packet is I didn’t have to use a bunch of extra seasonings of my own (not that it’s a huge burden to put in garlic powder, pepper, etc.).

My cooking (although does a crock pot recipe really count as cooking?) didn’t stop there. I actually hadn’t planned on baking this one, though. Yesterday afternoon when I got home, I realized I had a few bananas that were turning brown. I had two hours before a double date with the middle at the dog park, giving me ample time to whip up another loaf of bread.

After some quick search on pinterest, I came across a cinnamon swirl banana bread. With my trusty companion (he was there for quality control), we had the bread ready to go with about ten minutes to spare.



This time I actually remember to take a photo of it, too. (And I swear I haven’t already eaten half the loaf. I took the other half to the middle, I swear!) I’m not sure that it swirled quite the way the original recipe did, but it’s still pretty dang tasty. Definitely a fun contrast to the blueberry bread.

banana cinnamon bread

I’ll tell you one thing, it’s a good thing I’ve been getting in extra steps with Hurley. Otherwise all this comfort food would really start to take its toll on me.


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