Conflicting seasons

As with most communities, we’ve had our fair share of contrasting weather. One of my co-workers joked on Monday morning that we experienced all four seasons in the course of about 24 hours. Maybe that’s what prompted my food cravings and baking endeavors this past weekend.

When I found the recipe  for a smoked sausage and potato bake, it seemed like it might be a good winter dish (though I didn’t intend to make it for that reason). The changes I made to the recipe actually ended up making it a great summer dish, though it’s likely because of the alterations I made to the recipe.

Instead of smoked sausage, I ended up using Italian sausage (it was on sale and it’s one of my favorite summer splurges) and red potatoes. Although I nixed the peppers, I decided to throw in asparagus and carrots, in part because one of the comments on the blog mentioned throwing in more vegetables. I also threw in onions for flavoring. The combination of additions almost made it feel like a pot roast.

So really… I used the recipe as a starting point and created my own summer pot roast.


Even as leftovers it’s a relatively simple and delicious dish. I’d probably minimize the butter (which I initially did to begin with) and perhaps cook the sausage separately so it wouldn’t drain as much. But otherwise the vegetables cooked well and all the seasonings blended through the baking process.

On Sunday night, with the cold weather and snow, I decided it was the perfect time to bake bread (prompted by the middle asking me last weekend why I hadn’t baked any delicious bread like I used to feature consistently on my blog).

Initially I found this recipe for blueberry oatmeal bread. The frustrating part is that the recipe didn’t mention how long the bread needed to cook (though I assumed it was about an hour since that’s what other recipes have been for me). I know baking tends to be more of an exact science, so I went in search of comparable recipes. I ended up making this one since it didn’t require the oat flour.

With my trusty companion (it’s been awhile since I’ve had a dog that tall so I really had to watch him…), I had the batter whipped up in about 10 minutes. I have to admit I was a little lazy in some of my measurements (like cinnamon and vanilla), though the one that concerned me a little was only using 5 ounces of the greek yogurt. The recipe called for a full cup, but I didn’t have a way to get exactly a cup without having to throw the rest away or eat it (neither of which appealed to me).

Thankfully the bread turned out to be great. It was a little too sweet (probably from the full cup of sugar…) and I’m not entirely sure what the greek yogurt does. And in my distracted state of, “Oh my goodness, why is it snowing?!” state….I forgot to take a photo. But suffice it to say, it looks very similar to my other blueberry breads and tastes just as delicious.

Perhaps if I start making spring dishes it will start acting accordingly? One can only hope…


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