Safety in numbers

Tonight the middle and I decided to team up for dinner. I had a recipe in mind as a main dish but didn’t want it to turn out like my broccoli cheesy rice from last week. Instead I turned it into a side dish to something she was planning to cook.

I made a rather substantial modification to the honey-lime quinoa stuffed sweet potato recipe. Knowing baked sweet potatoes are hit or miss with me, I opted to make roasted potatoes instead and treat it like a casserole. The quinoa part remained the same, and I used that on top of the small pieces of sweet potatoes. With the monterrey jack cheese melted on top, it actually looked quite good.


As the middle said, it’s interesting in a good way. I did like the roasted potatoes more than I would the baked potato, but it made for a lot of interesting flavors and textures. It almost felt like the quinoa and cheese portion could be used as burrito or taco filling (and I’ve probably done that before).

The middle made chicken salad but replaced mayo with avocado. A-mazing. I’ve always been a fan of chicken salad sandwiches and this is a much healthier alternative.

Chicken salad

Dinner was a success, and what’s even better is that we were able to split the leftovers (which I always seem to struggle with, especially with dishes like this). Plus I got to snuggle with my little doggie niece. Double win.




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