A pop of color and lots of squats

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind, to say the least. I finished up with my previous job, and literally 24 hours later we were closing the back of the rental truck to hit the road. Thankfully I’d given myself a week off to decompress and unpack before I jumped into a new job.

Two minor problems with that. One, I’m not good at sitting idle (even the guy giving me the tour at my potential gym laughed that I was already gym shopping just three days after moving). Two, I’m a nester. Any free time means I’m trying to find ways to make my new place feel more like home.

By the second day, I was feeling uneasy about my “entertainment center” (if you can even call my old coffee table that). I deserted my old one in the move knowing I wanted to refurbish a dresser (and there wasn’t much room to spare in the rental truck…).

While I knew I would find a replacement piece in the near future, it was driving me crazy. That was the one area of my living room that didn’t look at least somewhat put together. Actually, it looked more like I just moved into my first apartment, and I hated that feeling (in part because I’ve been living in non-student housing for eight years now).

Finding an entertainment center became my number one priority. Friday afternoon the middle and I went to the EcoStore to scope out some options. Right when we walked in, we saw my new addition. And in the $5 section, no less. Five dollars!


What’s even more fitting is that it looks eerily similar to the entertainment center the middle upgraded just a few years ago (and thank goodness she already knew what she was doing!) before turning it into a wine rack.

We followed the same process to give it a makeover — sand it (takes about an hour), prime it (took a couple hours) and finally paint it.

I do need to throw in a plug for our newest investment. The middle, having been through this before, thought we should consider getting a paint sprayer. I am here to tell you that it is well worth the investment! Although it wasn’t effective in that there’s one sprayer and two of us, it allowed us to alternate (believe me, you need a break after all the squatting…). Plus it seemed to be much more cost effective in terms of the paint. The whole entertainment center took half a gallon of paint for three coats, whereas when the middle did hers, it took a full gallon.


About 27 hours later, the project was complete (albeit the assembly took a bit longer than we anticipated. It’s slightly harder when the pieces aren’t marked and you have three sets of two nearly identical pieces…). But look at the difference a little paint and a new door knob make!

Before and After

I should probably explain the color choice a bit. The inspiration for this project actually came from one of this middle’s friends. She has a pink dresser-turned-entertainment-center that I fell in love with, and for some reason I couldn’t shake the idea of having a pink piece of furniture. And color was something I was in need of for that side of the room. Because of the texture of the wall behind my TV, I can’t hang any photos or canvases. In addition to wanting something that popped, I needed something to match the purple circle canvas I made almost a year ago now. This turned out to be the perfect complement.

What used to be an eyesore for me is now my favorite part of the living room! I just wish the photos did it justice…



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4 responses to “A pop of color and lots of squats

  1. Kathy Gebhart

    Love it!

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