Throwing in the apron

Not to be dramatic, but I think I’m done experimenting with baking bread. Not because I don’t like it, mind you, but because I can’t seem to top the whole wheat blueberry oatmeal bread I discovered last summer. All the other breads I attempt seem to fall short, so shouldn’t I just stick with what I know I love?

I’m getting ahead of myself, though.

Last week when I had a snow day, I really wanted to make bread. Unfortunately my limited groceries prevented me from doing anything other than searching for bread recipes. Blueberries weren’t a good price when I finally made it to the store, so instead I opted for a relatively healthy recipe for harvest bread.

I did end up using more of the pumpkin than vanilla yogurt, primarily because the container I got was 2 ounces short of a full cup of yogurt. The dough seemed a bit lighter and fluffier than most I’ve made, so I was curious to see if the consistency or “heaviness” of the bread was different.

Harvest bread

The bread didn’t seem all that different, though I will say this spoiled much faster than other breads I’ve made. By about the third day I had to throw it out. Not fun. Should I make it again (which I highly doubt), I’d aim to use different apples. The granny smith just seem to contrast too much with the pumpkin bread. But I will say I loved having apple in the bread.

I switched gears this week and opted for a clean banana bread. This was also light and fluffy, and it smelled a-mazing baking last night (though I’m pretty sure anything would have smelled great given I was starving after doubling up on kickboxing and zumba, which does wonders for my step count on Fitbit!).

Banana bread

(Side note: I need to find a new angle or approach to taking photos of my food…)

This is one I may actually make again, though I’m not sure how much healthier it is compared to standard banana bread (my fitness pal puts it at 300 calories a slice when the loaf is cut into 7 pieces. As another side note, I got obsessed with using my fitness pal after the little told me it syncs with the Fitbit). I may mess around with different recipes or throw some oatmeal on top. It didn’t have as much flavor as I’d like it to, but it went fabulously with my coffee as a mid-morning snack.

Perhaps I’ll have to bake that blueberry bread soon to make sure I’m not just putting it on a pedestal. Then I’ll decide if I’m hanging up the apron on breads.


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