Multi-use office supplies

These craft projects involve one of my favorite things to shop for: office supplies (I realize how nerdy that sounds…). Thankfully the same holds true for the two recipients of these gifts.

I decided to tailor the gift a bit for each lady. Miss Lindsay is starting up a new job next month (big tear, although I’m super excited for her!). She’s been hinting for the last couple weeks that she wanted to come up with some fun office decorations.

When I came across this while browsing Pinterest it used colored pencils (see below) but I thought pens were a bit more fitting for Lindsay.Why? You have to keep a close eye on your good pens when she’s around because it’s entirely likely that she’ll swipe it from you. I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many times we’d be having a conversation in our office and I’d have to ask, “Wait, is that my pen?”

Now she’s got a whole bouquet of pens and her favorite flowers for her new office.


I decided to stick with the original colored pencil idea for the other vase, mostly because I wanted to continue on with the tradition. For the last two years I’ve given a friend of mine crafted gifts using crayons. This year I opted for colored pencils. Perhaps next year I’ll feature markers just to round out the coloring utensils.


I’ll admit I was a little nervous about these. Fake flowers can be a bit tacky (though I love them for basic decorations to add a splash of color) and they’re a bit larger than I anticipated. Thankfully both ladies loved it. They got their favorite flowers in a unique display. Actually, I may even make one for myself because I love the pop of color…

How in the world did people come up with crafty ideas before Pinterest?


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