Perfect potluck

It should come as no surprise that I love me some holiday cheer. Lindsay and I got out of the habit of having monthly potlucks (our last one was in August — how sad!) but what better time to bring them back than the holiday season?

I also lucked out — the middle made me a holiday sweater that arrived in the mail on Friday (along with a fabulous holiday blend coffee that is nowhere to be found in Columbia, so lifesaver on two counts!). This sweatshirt is my favorite of the four holidays sweaters I have, so I absolutely had to sport it at the potluck.

(You can’t really tell by the photo, but I’m also wearing the sweet headband the middle and I crafted. Definitely follow her advice on the assembly of the headband. All the cracking made me nervous. And while I didn’t leave my headband in a cold car all day, I did lose two ornaments, incidentally right before we took the photo.)


While it was a small gathering, it was big of laughs and good cheer. Naturally I was in charge of the salad, though this time I did something a little different. I tried to merge this festive salad with pomegranate dressing and a holiday salad wreath (minus the adorable wreath shape, which I did consider briefly). Primarily because when I’m supposed to bring a salad, I deliver. I wasn’t about to cheat and use a pre-packaged salad mix.

It was also cool because two hadn’t tried pomegranates before. My mom had to buy them sparingly in our house because they would go so quickly, much like raspberries did. I didn’t realize what a perfect addition to a winter salad it was! I love my pomegranate vinegar (which I used instead of pomegranate juice for the dressing) that I picked up at one of those speciality olive oil stores back in the day. Why I haven’t thought to use an actual pomegranate is beyond me. Plus it just makes it look so festive, and you all know I’m big on color.


For dessert we meant to make white chocolate gingerbread crescent rolls, but we got distracted by finally visiting the magic tree and other festivities. Hopefully I’ll whip them up before too long.

magic tree

This girl is absolutely ready to keep this good cheer going!


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