Double win

With the impending freezing rain and snow, I figured it was time to get my booty to the grocery store. (Actually, that’s a lie. It’s the worst time to go to the grocery store but when you resort to bringing the last bit of leftovers and a jar of applesauce for lunch, you know it’s time to suck it up and buy groceries already…)

Thankfully I found a recipe that I’ve been really, really wanting to try (and that’s saying something). For some reason this chicken enchilada pasta bake seemed too good to pass up. I love enchilada casserole and figured it would be pretty comparable. Plus it gives me my pasta fix while satisfying my craving for Mexican food as of late. Double win!

I followed the recipe pretty much as it was. As I was whipping it together, I did start to wish that I’d attempted the homemade enchilada sauce (though truth be told, even up to this point I haven’t clicked on the link to see what it actually entails). Mine just didn’t seem as thick and appetizing as the photo on the website.

But alas, it turned out to be great. Hopefully the leftovers will be just as good.

enchilada pasta bake

Dessert, if you want to call it that, was a little bit different. The librarian knew I had a rough week and wanted to cheer me up a bit. Knowing I like to let my aggression out physically (I don’t know where he got that idea…) he got me the next best thing to a kickboxing class. He showed up with plates he bought at Goodwill and after dinner I got to write one thing that was bothering me on each plate. Then one at a time, I got to smash each plate to smithereens on my porch.

I seriously cannot tell you how cathartic it was! It literally feels like you’re getting rid of the problem, or at least some of the frustration. My neighbors probably didn’t appreciate it, but I certainly did. (Thankfully my regular kickboxing instructor should be back next month so this shouldn’t become a habit…).


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