Nothing to write home about

I’m always a little bummed when my recipes don’t hit the spot quite like I hoped, but you can’t strike gold every time. (The middle has a different expression that probably isn’t all that appropriate, especially as I’m talking about food…)

Last night I made a one pot cheesy smoked sausage and pasta skillet. It reminded me a lot of my spicy sausage pasta recipe, although the perks was that it didn’t use cream. I really liked the dish even as leftovers (surprisingly ate it for lunch and dinner today). For some reason, though, it still felt like it was missing something. No idea what, and it’s driving me crazy. Mostly I think I just wanted the turkey sausage.

One Pot Pasta

Then tonight I decided to whip up white chocolate marshmallow cookie bars. (I know I decided not to bake bread…but I justified this in that I already had all the ingredients except for marshmallows).

I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely sold on them. First, I felt a little duped by the bar itself. It  smelled great as I was mixing it together (probably a result of the apple butter) though I was surprised by how dough-like it was. It baked to be the perfect consistency and I was feeling really proud of myself. Until I took a bite.


They’re not terrible, mind you. It just seems to be overkill on the white chocolate. I didn’t even use the full 3/4 cup and it was too much. I also felt like I should get more of a pumpkin or even gingerbread flavor from the bar. Not so much. It just ended up being an overly sweet white chocolate sauce with a mild fall-flavored (not sure if that’s really a description) contrast.

What sold it for me, though, was the marshmallows. Hands down.


I’ll be curious to see how leftovers go with the bars. My hunch is I’ll want it heated up so the marshmallows are gooey, but I’m not quite sure how I’ll pull that off well. Well being the operative word there…


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