Easy peasy

Random fact about me: I’m the (ridiculous) eager beaver who goes to the grocery store before even going home once I get back into town. It’s annoying, but it really does save a lot of time.

That being said, I wanted to opt for a simple dinner. In comes the beef tips and noodle crock pot recipe that essentially cooked itself while I was at zumba tonight.

I only purchased a pound of beef so my initial plan was to cut the recipe in half. As I got started, though, I decided against it. One, it was getting ridiculous to measure and I didn’t want to have a leftover half-can of cream of mushroom or packet of onion soup mix. Plus I like sauce, so I figured a little extra would kill me.

When I got home from zumba, I was more than ready to dig in because it smelled so great.

Beef sauce

I whipped up some noodles and in no time dinner was ready.

Beef noodles

After the first bite, I knew I was absolutely going to make it again. It just seems like such a hearty, filling winter dish. I’d probably throw in more mushrooms and a few more seasonings, but on the whole, I loved it.

I also couldn’t resist and had dessert: banana cinnamon swirl bread (and that may very well have cancelled out zumba…). I told myself after my last loaf that I would stop baking bread for awhile (the upcoming holiday season can be rough enough on the waist-line, after all). But then I spotted this recipe and the rest is history.

What I liked about the bread was its simplicity. Lindsay jokes that most of the time my bread tastes like a dessert. This one doesn’t as much, which I appreciate. It could be because I opted to use far less than the cinnamon swirl mix. I didn’t want that much sugar, especially since I’m fine with just banana bread and cinnamon.

Banana cinnamon swirl

In my defense…I’m supposed to carbo-load for the 5K run on Saturday, right? A girl can wish, anyway!


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