More favorites for my recipe box

Before I share my other pinterest success stories (side note brag: I’ve made more than half of the recipes I’ve pinned!), I had to post a photo that’s had me cracking up ever since I saw it.


This is very much the case on my 35-minute commute to work.

Now on to food…

Monday night I decided to make chicken avocado burger and southwestern grilled sweet potato salad. I probably need to stop trying to convince myself that I like black bean/southwest type salads. It was good, but it wasn’t necessarily in love with it. And the leftovers (granted the website did forewarn me that they only lasted two days) don’t hit the spot. At least it looked colorful.

sweet potato salad

I did, however, love the sliced grilled sweet potatoes so that was a perk of trying this recipe. I kept a few on the side and will absolutely be making those again for meals.

While the salad was lackluster, the burger was a-mazing. I almost liked it more than my Hawaiian turkey burgers, and that’s saying something. Although I lied a little when I said I made chicken burgers since they were actually made with ground turkey. The website mentioned it’s better with chicken, but I honestly wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference. I also threw in a lot more spices and seasonings, which is to be expected.

Monday meal

The burger doesn’t look all that appetizing, so I had to have proof that I did make them look like actual burgers. (As another side note, the bun isn’t what I would normally get but they were $1.00. Can’t pass that up!)

Avocado turkey burger

I had another successful adventure last night when a friend and I made quick chicken cordon bleu. We doubled the recipe since it was a recipe for two but I wanted leftovers (who knew?!) and we were both sold. Just look at the chicken, cheesy and ham goodness. 

chicken cordon bleu

I’m not sure that it’s technically chicken cordon bleu, but I like that it was light on breading and I didn’t have to make it look fancy. That’s probably why it was so easy to make, making it a fabulous dinner option. Winner winner chicken dinner indeed!


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