Attitude up

I couldn’t even tell you the context, but we had a staff training months ago where the trainer mentioned the phrase “Attitude up!” Since then, Lindsay and I use it as an expression to stop being lazy. It’s very much like my “take control” mantra but a bit more empowering (especially when you throw your fist in the air, which we’ve been known to do).

Lately I’ve been eating out quite a bit (in part due to traveling) and feeling low on energy. Since I’ve been trying to be proactive about my finances as well, last night instead of ordering Chinese food like I was tempted to do, I decided to attitude up and make my own. I found a simple sesame chicken recipe on pinterest while I was at a friend’s apartment, went to the grocery store on my way home to pick up two ingredients for it (though I naturally added more), and thirty minutes later it was done.

The last time I remember making sesame chicken was for the golden’s one year anniversary with us back in 2008. (Not for her, mind you. The family went out for Chinese prior to going to meet the dog. I kid you not,  the little and the golden locked eyes and the rest was history. We decided it would only be appropriate to make Chinese food to celebrate her one-year anniversary. We’re odd pet owners…).

Long story short, I remember sesame chicken being a lot harder to make, so I’ve either gotten to be a much better cook…or I just found an easier recipe. My hunch is that it’s the latter since this was incredibly straight-forward.

My additions were pretty simple. I figured broccoli would make it seem slightly healthier (plus it’s what my favorite Chinese restaurant did, though that’s sadly closed)  and I also threw water chestnuts in as well.  I was tempted to throw in carrots and bamboo shoots as well, but I thought too many additions might impact the sauce to chicken ratio. Sometimes less is more.

The only other modification is that I found out I didn’t have rice vinegar. I’ve got apple cider vinegar, red wine vinegar and plain white vinegar, but no rice vinegar. What can you do? Red wine vinegar worked just fine, though I didn’t use the full amount since I wasn’t sure how it would turn out.

Turns out it (thankfully) didn’t really make a difference.

Rice & chicken

The recipe says to make it while the chicken is cooking, but I think it’s be easier to make it beforehand. My chicken cooked incredibly fast and it was hard to multi-task — and that’s saying something coming from me. I wish I would have done something to make the rice stand out a bit more, but overall it really hit the spot.

Sesame chicken

Next time I’ve decided that I’d add pineapple for even more flavor. Maybe I’ll even double the sauce recipe and throw in more veggies. I live on the edge, don’t I?


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