Relaxing night in

Let me tell you about my evening last night, ladies and gentlemen.

After a quick and very successful trip to Kohl’s (found a new pair of running shoes and got not just one but two pairs of dress pants that actually fit — major win), I got home and lit my new, fabulous fall scented candle. I put on my Frank Sinatra Pandora station before getting to work on an artichoke chicken and spinach lasagna.

It was quite the endeavor and they aren’t joking when they say 50 minute prep time. It would probably go faster with two people or multi-tasking, but I wanted to make sure I did it right since I was banking on it being my main meal for the week.

The recipe was pretty straight-forward, though I did have one of those instances where I realized butter would probably work better. I’ve been told time and time again that margarine just doesn’t cut it for a lot of recipes, particularly for baking, and I often disregard it. While I was making the sauce, though, the margarine wasn’t mixing well with the flour and for a split second I wished I had butter.

But that soon subsided and the sauce actually turned out quite well. Instead of using fresh spinach I used the frozen that I had on hand. Aside from that, I pretty much followed the recipe as is.

Spinach Artichoke Lasagna

I’m super impressed with this recipe and would definitely recommend it — assuming you’re a fan of spinach and artichokes. I’m not sure that I prefer it to regular lasagna, but I am absolutely making this again, though next time I’ll use a little less spinach, throw in more spices and add more cheese.


Even better is that I had the hour that it was baking to get everything else taken care of for the night. My apartment is clean and smells like fall, I’m packed to dog-sit for the next few days and I’ve got what I presume will be great leftovers for the week. Plus I had the day off from working out — my first in well over a week (I really should cut back…).

Bring it on, hump day!


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