Sandwich fixins’

I don’t know if I hit my quota as a young adult or what, but I’m not particularly fond of sandwiches. Once in a while I’ll crave a grilled cheese sandwich or the quintessential PB&J. And there’s one sub shop in town that makes a fabulous tomato and avocado sandwich. Other than those rare occasions, though, I tend to dismiss sandwiches.

But, I will say that sandwiches are easy, and that makes them appealing to me as somewhat of an anti-leftover person. In an effort to give sandwiches another shot, these last few days I’ve tried my hand at two different recipes.

The first was a slow cooker chicken caesar salad sandwich. Full disclosure, I didn’t measure a single thing. The recipe was straight-forward enough that I didn’t really have to, though. Surprisingly I liked it better warm as opposed to cold (which I didn’t think would be the case), and I actually think it would make a fabulous wrap.

The one downside is that it’s hard to find fat-free or even low-fat caesar dressing. Unless you want to spend an arm and a leg, which doesn’t really appeal to me.


Then last night I whipped up sweet potato veggie burgers, which I suppose technically isn’t a sandwich. For whatever reason this seemed to be a little more difficult to hold together compared to the black bean burgers I generally make. It also takes a bit more time since the sweet potato has to be baked for 45-60 minutes.

sweet potato

I can’t say I was sold on the sweet potato burger (maybe adding an avocado would help but I completely spaced off on it at the grocery store). Something about the combination of flavors just didn’t fit right. I love (and I mean LOVE) lemon pepper…but mixed with a sweet potato and cannellini beans it was a little less fabulous. And sadly the cheese didn’t help much. On black bean burgers it does wonders, but not so much with a sweet potato.

I can say that I’ll be making the chicken caesar recipe again, though — not only because I have the dressing but because I really want to turn it into a wrap. Even though the effort probably cancels out my perceived simpleness of the sandwich, I’m well on my way to finding new alternatives for lunch. Progress, people!


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