New twists

This weekend I found recipes that took a new spin on some of my favorite dishes.

The first was caprese mac and cheese. I chose it partly out of my attempt to be efficient with  groceries, since I could use up the whipping cream and mozzarella cheese I had from the couscous recipe last week (which I am proud to say I ate all the leftovers).

I’ll be honest that I wouldn’t make the dish again. I cut the recipe in half since I don’t like macaroni and cheese as leftovers (points for being logical/resourceful!). But even with the recipe cut in half and extra noodles, it was still a lot of sauce.  So much that I actually have a container in my fridge of sauce that I didn’t use.

What I think it lacked was flavor. I felt like the milk/whipping cream to cheese ratio made it not taste all that cheesy, so I’d definitely recommend reducing the amount of milk used.  I even tried adding a bit of flavor to it by using some sharp cheddar, but that didn’t seem to help much. It may be a little more enjoyable had I used fresh basil instead of dried (I ran out from the couscous dish). Even then I don’t know that it would have made a huge difference in my opinion.

At least it looked relatively delicious.

2013-09-21 12.52.33

Thankfully the other recipe was much more successful. Last night for a girls night in we made apple nachos. (Don’t worry — I wasn’t trying to convince myself it was a healthy dessert…). I went back and forth about whether to actually make the marshmallow part since that involved actual work, but it was definitely worth it. That’s the part that almost makes it seem like nachos since it acts like cheese in that it’s warm and gooey.

It was messy to eat but I will absolutely be making this again (especially since I know have sugar-free chocolate and caramel syrup on hand… dangerous!).

2013-09-21 21.18.42

Tonight I’m tackling a slightly new twist on a staple fall/winter recipe. Well, at least it seems like a twist to me, but we’ll see. I’m just excited the weather is finally cooling down enough to try some fabulous fall recipes. And wear sweaters again.


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