Fifth time’s the charm?

Strange as it may seem, R&R weekends for me often revolved around three C’s: crafting, cooking and cleaning. And the introvert in me loved having a day where I didn’t have any plans and could just focus on getting things done around my apartment (though I promise I also got out to enjoy the gorgeous weather — I’m not that crazy!).

Sadly the crafting reveal will have to wait just a little bit longer. I need to make one more greeting card and then I’ll post the first 10 out of the 30 I’m making before I turn 30. It’s been a fun project, though I’m realizing I either need to expand my crafting tools or lower my expectations for what I want to do with greeting cards. Or just start doing graphic design work instead, which wouldn’t be a terrible idea.

But I digress.

While I can’t share the craftiness, I can share the cooking result. After a relaxing productive (oxymoron?) day, I thought I would take a risk and try a spaghetti squash marinara recipe. I’ve made spaghetti squash probably four or five times before and haven’t been blown away with it. Thankfully this hit the spot and gave me hope I won’t forever be disappointed with spaghetti squash.

For my modifications (I won’t even try to beat around the bush about changing the recipe), I only used half the can of diced whole Roma tomatoes and actually added half a small can of tomato paste instead. Next time I’d probably nix the Roma tomatoes all together since that was the only thing I didn’t care for in the end.

I also added mushrooms and didn’t even both trying to find/purchase fennel seeds. I did take the suggestion at the end of the recipe of adding mozzarella cheese and baking it a bit longer. I do wish I would have added cottage cheese or instead mixed the squash in a bit more with the sauce instead of just putting it on top. At least I’ll know for next time, though.

Picture 2

I don’t know if it was the Italian turkey sausage or that I added more seasonings before baking the spaghetti squash, but I loved it. And I don’t think I would have liked it as much with regular pasta — it would have been a bit too heavy. This was the right combination. Because of that, I’m very likely going to make this again. Rarely do I say that, so it must have the Liz seal of approval.


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