Winner winner chicken dinner

I’m pretty certain I’ve already used this blog title but I don’t care. I went three for three last night on recipes and I’m feeling pretty dang good about it.

For some strange reason I was craving a summer bean salad so I decided to try this one. Now I don’t want to officially commit to anything or stop the presses. However, it’s worth mentioning that I not only used a green pepper — but I actually liked it! It had just the right mix of flavors. I did cheat a little and used two cans of a three-bean trio and then cannellini beans since I like those more than chick peas. And I also put in a can of corn as well for an extra crunch, though the peppers are what had the most bang. Perhaps I’ll become a pepper fan someday after all.

While it wasn’t an ideal pairing, the Italian chicken I baked was equally good.The ratios were a bit off, though it could be because I used grape tomatoes instead of cutting up roma tomatoes. The artichokes baked perfectly but a full can was a bit much for just two chicken breasts. I’d definitely recommend using the fresh basil, although mine didn’t wilt from the heat like the directions mentioned. Normally I would just use my basil seasoning, but I think it would lose a lot of the flavor.

Chicken and bean salad

And last but certainly not least, I attempted another bread recipe – this one a dark chocolate raspberry banana one. I really think I need to cut myself off from bread baking. Yes this one had raspberries and bananas, but that’s probably the small extent of the nutritional value it offers. And like my sister reminded me a few weeks ago, you can’t outrun a bad diet (though I sure do try with all my group exercise classes lately)…

I’d likely make this recipe again, though I would cut down on the chocolate chunks. I only purchased a 10-ounce bag and didn’t use all of it, and even that felt like it was too much. My taste buds also got a little overwhelmed (and confused) with the pairing of banana, raspberry and chocolate. In the future I’d likely just stick with one or two of the flavors. But the consistency was great and aside from the chocolate, it wasn’t too sweet.

raspberry bread

After a successful night of cooking, this girl needs to hit the gym tonight.


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