Cooking tidbits

Yet another mash up of random things I’ve experimented in the kitchen. And let me tell you, it’s getting really difficult to resist making them separate posts in order to meet my blogging goal…

Perhaps along those same things, I’m starting to think I have a problem. Not quite sure if it’s addiction or OCD or what. Just a few days after making my first loaf of strawberry bread, I attempted a different recipe to an effort to master it (although I again cheated and put blueberries in it). The strawberries definitely stood out a lot more in this one even though I used the same amount, so I’ll consider that progress.

Strawberry bread

Despite the progress, I think I need to throw in the towel on making bread with strawberries. While I love it, the strawberries make it difficult to have a non-soggy consistency. It could be that the third time’s the charm, but I’m going to hold off on experimenting again, at least for now. Neither of them topped my whole wheat oatmeal blueberry bread, and I’m almost wondering if it’s because the two strawberry bread recipes taste sweeter than I normally like for bread. I’ll have to try other flavors as well to see what works best.

In addition to being obsessed with baking bread (still strange given my aversion to baking, but whatever), salads are still my forte. I wanted to try something a little different, so last night I made a grilled watermelon salad. It was actually really simple (minus the fact that I’m not skilled in selecting watermelons. Pineapples, yes, but not watermelons) and straight-forward, which I always love. Plus we got to use a legit grill on a gorgeous night instead of a George Foreman grill, so double bonus for me.

I’m fairly certain I’d make it again, though I wouldn’t put as much seasoning on the watermelon. And I’d probably nix the olive oil. I was hoping it would be comparable to grilled pineapple (major obsession of mine) in that the grilling makes it incredibly juicy, but from what I could tell it didn’t do much to do. A lot of that has to do with the seasonings, though. I may have to experiment a bit more and perhaps add a few more ingredients to make it pop.

Watermelon salad

And in a non-edible kitchen experiment, on Friday night Lindsay and I decided to make homemade facemasks (thank goodness she is almost always game for all of the crazy ideas that come out of my mouth and from pinterest finds). To say it was an adventure is an understatement. Long story short, it scared her chocolate lab and one of us asked “how long has it been??” probably every 3 minutes. So not your quintessential relaxing facial experience.


Here’s what the original blog doesn’t tell you. Your nose will undoubtedly itch (at least it was for me and Lindsay) but naturally there’s no way to cure that. And this stuff drips (though it could have been because we kept talking and laughing), so you have to be careful (especially with dogs around…). Also, it burns once you take it off. So much so that I almost stuck my head in the freezer after I got it all wiped off my face. But that could just be because I have a flare for dramatics.

Thankfully the burning only lasted a couple of minutes, and afterwards our faces did feel a lot cleaner, tighter and smooth. Bonus, we smelled like Christmas because of the nutmeg and cinnamon. I’d highly recommend it, hopefully under more relaxing circumstances. But that just made it all the more memorable.


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