Check point

Today is my half birthday (and I feel the need to state for the record that I don’t actually celebrate it or make it a thing, it just happened to be opportune timing and a nice transition into the post). I jokingly told Lindsay last week that time was ticking for my 30 Before 30 list, and I officially have 2.5 years (or 946 days, according to google) left to accomplish it all.

This week I’ve been taking stock of my list. Life has been…different for the last week and a half. Lots of changes, some good (Lindsay and I get to co-present at a national conference!) and some bad (turns out I need a new car). Naturally, when it rains it pours in my life. I guess the silver lining through it all is that it’s led to a lot of self-introspection, deep conversations and me trying to figure out what it is that I want out of life, and that where my goals come into play.

I’ve made decent progress on nine or so goals and actually completed two already. There were some goals that I was hesitant about or didn’t feel reflected what I ultimately wanted to get out of it. And since I’m embracing positive change this month, I decided to make a few modifications.

1. Become Start the process of becoming a certified life coach (I was a little nervous about the funding aspect of completing the certification process, so my hope is to at least start the process)
2. Publish in some capacity (starting the research project with Linds that we’ll present at a national conference in October!)
3. Volunteer with a new nonprofit organization
4. Find a work mentor
5. [Personal] (starting to head in that direction)
6. Reach out to nonprofit consultants to chart a path to get to that career (got a meeting tentatively scheduled for Monday!)

1. Train for and run a 5K (tentatively planning for the Girls on the Run 5K in November)
2. Get a personal trainer CHANGED
2. Attend a meditation retreat or silent day (I realized all my goals were physical health related and I wanted something for mental/emotional health)
3. Give up pop for 90 days
4. Buy a bike DONE!
5. Get a full physical / health assessment
6. Go vegetarian for 30 days (tentatively planning to start September 7)

One Time Events
1. Take a community education class
2. Adopt a dog
3. Have a spontaneous weekend getaway CHANGED
3. Have a technology free weekend (Since I have other traveling goals and was mostly getting at making memories/being in the present to enjoy life, I wanted something more reflective of that)
4. Watch a movie in a theater by myself DONE!
5. Travel abroad
6. Stay at a bed and breakfast
7. Go to a non-work related conference
8. [Personal] (started the project)

On-Going Efforts
1. Read 100 books (currently reading my 20th book, so well on my way)
2. Find a way to permanently store/organize all my photo and mementos
3. Create a recipe book of all the dishes I’ve tried and would make again
4. Hone my photography skills (take a class and/or read through a guidebook, though step one is to get a decent camera…) CHANGED
4. Write a memoir (it was moreso a pipe dream, but the middle really liked the concept when I talked to her about it this weekend)
5. Visit 7 new states so I’ll have visited 30 states total (I’ve crossed three states off and will cross another one off next month!)
6. Write and send 30 homemade cards to family and friends (five have been hand-crafted and sent. Pictures to come when the goal is completed)
7. Watch at least half of the movies on the IMBD Top 250 movies list (I’ve crossed seven movies off and have 36 left to go. I need to start spacing these out more strategically since it amounts to at least one each month)
8. Finally organize my iTunes
9. Participate in a book club
10. Hit 500 blog posts (this makes 308 posts…so roughly ten posts per month. Time to kick this one up a notch!)

Most of my changes were minor and it’s helpful to know I’ve started to make progress on quite a few of my goals. Going through the list again also helped reinvigorate my efforts, so hopefully I can start diving into the other goals I haven’t touched yet…like the dreaded organization of photos and mementos. It’ll be worth it in the end, but that may be one of those tough labors of love.


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I'm a twentysomething young professional living in Nebraska. My blog centers on the things I love - my family, dogs, friends, crafting, cooking, life chats and health. All these things help me lead the good life, and isn't that really what it's all about?

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