A (very) mini-vacation

A weekend getaway (though technically it was only 30 hours, give or take) was exactly what I needed.

There’s a cabin about two hours from Columbia that Lindsay goes to every summer that I’ve been wanting to visit as well. No internet, no cell phone service, no distractions. But how could I not be content with a lake, good friends, the gentleman, great food (including freshly picked blueberries!), books and a gorgeous chocolate lab?

I was fortunate to have a few mini-vacations this spring/summer but this trip was rewarding in a different way. This time there was no schedule or even decisions to make (aside from which book I wanted to read and where I’d want to sit to get optimal sun exposure). Even though we were only there a short while, we both commented on the drive back that it felt like we’d been gone a lot longer. And in my mind, you can’t really ask for a better outcome for a weekend trip.



While we were there we decided to try new recipes in the quaint kitchen. Lindsay had been wanting to make spring rolls and I spotted an easy pad thai recipe, though I knew I’d be the judge about whether it was actually easy. I’m happy to report that the only real difficulty we had was finding the right ingredients.

I only made two modifications to the dish — I didn’t use crushed peanuts since I’m not a fan (and I don’t think the others are huge fans either) and I didn’t have any Sriracha. I was tempted to buy it, but rarely do I buy the optional ingredients.

Thankfully the two missing ingredients didn’t make a difference. I was really impressed by how much it resembled pad thai from a restaurant. And it looked great as well:

Pad thai

The spring rolls were also fabulous, though Lindsay will probably blog about those. In the future I’ll probably add chicken, vegetables and/or pineapple to the pad thai since it felt like it was missing something, but I’d definitely make this again. I still can’t get over how simple it was!

After such a relaxing weekend, it’s been a struggle to get back to being productive and functional. It was even a bit overwhelming to check facebook this afternoon, which actually prompted an interesting conversation with my adopted grandmother. She’s been reading The Blue Zones and one of the key components is disconnecting from technology to give yourself the break you really need. I’m starting to see why. Must make a note of that for a future monthly goal…


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