Dinner stuff(ing)

I have to admit I’m pretty impressed with myself. Last week at this time I hadn’t even thought about which new recipe I should try and this week I’ve already made two. Although leave it to me to get into baking as the temperatures are starting to spike.

For dinner on Sunday I decided to try a sweet potato with greens and beans (it’s so cute that it rhymes!). Although I absolutely love roasted sweet potatoes, fries and chips, I’ve never had a baked sweet potato. I had kale leftover from my kale pesto last week so it seemed like a worthy and relatively healthy endeavor.

Sweet potato

Then came the moment of truth: would I like a baked sweet potato? (I was primarily worried since I don’t like yams and I thought a baked sweet potato would be comparable).

The answer was yes and no. The first few bites were great and then I lost some of my excitement for it. I liked it, but I think I just prefer roasted sweet potatoes. I also discovered that sweet potatoes pack enough flavor in itself that the beans and kale didn’t seem to add much to it, except for perhaps some nutritional value. It did make me want to try the sweet potato black bean soup Lindsay posted about back in March. The combination definitely has potential, I’ll give it that.

Thankfully I had a little more success with my dinner last night: muffin shaped calzones with a homemade dough. Impressive, right? What was helpful was that I was able to make the dough on Sunday night while my potato was baking. Since I love a lot of flavor, I ended up adding a lot of spices (primarily oregano and crush red pepper flakes) to the dough and it paid off in the end.

(Side note about the dough: I cut the recipe in half thinking there was no way I would need four pounds of it. I figured I would use one pound of it for the calzones and then the other for the flatbread mentioned in the link for the homemade dough to pair with a salad. It all ended up doing toward the calzones, though, so next time I’ll have to plan accordingly.)

During my first few “muffins” I had a moment (or two or three…) of frustration where I thought it would be easier to just make a full pizza. But I prevailed (though questioned that decision when I tried to close the muffins). Naturally I took my own approach to the toppings (or I suppose stuffing in the case). Instead of spinach and sausage I did my standard Canadian bacon and pineapple. A little bit of pasta sauce and cheese and I was set.

Muffin calzones

Although it wouldn’t win too many points on presentation, I loved it! They were a little too crusty but that’s something I can try to fix when I use this recipe again. What I think I really like about it is the portion size. I made a ham and cheese calzone way back in the day and it’s hard to plan leftovers for it. The muffins make it much easier and may even make cute snacks at a dinner party or something.

New recipes for week two are in the bag! And the fact that I found a winner makes it even more rewarding.


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