Goal achieved

It got to be Wednesday and I hadn’t attempted a new recipe (and to be honest, I’d barely thought about it). And I wasn’t about to “fail” at my goal of making one new recipe each week this month (although I’m rockin’ the socializing during the work week part so far…hence the lack of cooking on my part, probably). Naturally I went overboard trying to remedy my situation, but I think it backfired on me.

Thursday for lunch I tried a kale pesto egg salad sandwich. Although eggs can be pretty hit or miss for me, I do love a good egg salad sandwich. My attempt at making the kale pesto was a little interesting (given I don’t have a food processor and resort to using my crappy blender…). It had much more flavor (and hopefully nutritional value with the kale and little mayo) than traditional egg salad, which I liked.


I’d also paired it with a cottage cheese salad that technically didn’t have a recipe, but it was straight forward enough. I’ll admit I was slightly hesitant to try it. Only once in a while do I crave cottage cheese and this is the first time I’d mixed it with anything, though I’ve heard it goes great with tomatoes. While I was eating it I kept going back and forth about whether I liked it, so we’ll see if I make it in the future.

Cottage cheese

Then last night my weekend kicked off with an outdoor theater production of Hello Dolly. What makes it even more fun is that people can bring food and drinks, so naturally I couldn’t show up empty-handed. Much like my cake batter dip this recipe was pure indulgence on my part. During my quest to find a recipe to whip up for the week, I found a key lime pie dip.

Key lime dip

I should have thought to take a photo of it last night with the graham crackers and strawberries. The dip tasted better with the strawberries than the graham crackers, and I was surprised by how closely it resembled key lime pie. Although I’m not sure I’d make it again, Lindsay did suggest using it as a frosting on a fruit pizza, which is something I may need to try sometime this summer.

Next week I’ll need to put more effort into selecting my new recipe. The three I made last week weren’t bad, per say, but they weren’t anything to write home about (although I can apparently blog about it…).


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