Weekend goodies

It feels like life’s been non-stop again, but at least I’m back to cooking!

This weekend I got to try out two new recipes that I’d definitely make again. The first hit the sweet spot and one of my weaknesses. I’m obsessed with cake batter anything — cupcakes (like the ones Lindsay made for my birthday knowing my addition), ice cream (a local ice cream shop currently has a red velvet cake batter ice cream that’s to die for…), the actual batter. It’s bad, people.

Given this weird love, I’ve been really intrigued by the funfetti/dunkaroo/cake batter dip I’ve seen a few times on pinterest and thought a group dinner on Saturday was the perfect opportunity to try it. I even found a recipe that wasn’t terribly unhealthy! It was ridiculously easy to make (which could be bad for me…) and paired with animal crackers, it’s a perfect little dessert (or appetizer, which ended up being the case on Saturday).

I will give a huge forewarning that it makes a lot. And I mean a lot. So much that even this cake-batter-loving gal doesn’t know what to do with it all.

Funfetti dip

Then Sunday night the gentleman and I attempted a new pizza: spinach artichoke dip grill pan pizza. It’s a mouthful to say but surprisingly wasn’t as hard to make as I initially thought. The only modification made to the recipe (be proud…) is the addition of mushrooms. Otherwise it was pretty straight-forward.


Next time it’ll be easier to stick with canned artichoke hearts (but props to him for tackling two actual artichokes!) and bake the pizza. I’d also throw in kalamata olives and maybe even pineapple, but those are my go-to’s when it comes to pizza toppings.

As excited I was to be back in the kitchen, alas I’m back to traveling this week. But I’m already plotting my next adventure in the kitchen. Once I’m back from a conference, I’m going to remake and blog the black bean burgers we tried last weekend. With a fabulous pairing of avocados and colby pepper jack cheese, I’ve been craving them ever since.


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