Oh. Baby.

Last night I intended to go to hot yoga. Then I decided just a trip to the gym would suffice. Then I decided to nix the whole working out thing all together and do the exact opposite. And let me tell you, it was well worth it.

I’ve been eyeing a penne rosa recipe for a few weeks. Thanks to the other recipes I’ve been whipping up, I had all the ingredients except shrimp, and in retrospect I wish I would have purchased cocktail shrimp instead (the cost-effective side of me opted for salad shrimp).

I won’t lie – I started to get a little nervous as it was all coming together. I didn’t like sauteing the mushrooms along with the tomatoes, and once I threw in the shrimp it had a really strong scent. It also seemed like I was going to have to weird pasta-to-vegetables ratio. I was worried I was going to have a “looks can be deceiving” moment where the pasta looks really great on the website but the taste is a whole different story.


Thankfully, once I added the pasta and sauces the strong scents seemed a bit more subdued. The ratio ended up being decent, though I almost wish I had more vegetables. Two lessons were reinforced for me: use more spinach than you think is necessary and don’t dump red pepper flakes thinking it looks about right.

Penne rosa

Although I had my doubts, this pasta was fantastic. So fantastic that I’m actually looking forward to having it as leftovers for lunch in just a few minutes, and that rarely happens. I’d use more spinach, bigger shrimp and saute the mushrooms separately, but I will undoubtedly be making it again. I think what really sells it is the sauce. One of my other concerns was using Greek yogurt – so much so that I only used half the amount the recipe called for. Turns out it’s well worth it. It seems to have an Alfredo meets marinara sauce flavor, which I absolutely love.

All I can say is oh baby!


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