Casserole comfort

It’s been a long day, so I anticipate lots of digressions.

If there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s my ability to make pasta. (Okay, last week was probably an exception given the whole recipe mix up…but otherwise I’m pretty solid). In fact, anytime I’m with family members, it’s just a fact that I’ll make goulash at some point (which in actuality isn’t really goulash, but my dad didn’t have the heart to tell me years ago and now it’s a done deal).

With the winter weather, I was craving comfort food. Thankfully I’d planned to make a chicken parmesan casserole earlier this week and hadn’t had time, so everything was set.

Let me say up front that I took creative liberties with this recipe. First, I added pasta. I didn’t anticipate liking a casserole with just chicken, cheese and croutons. It seemed like it needed more substance, so what better than whole grain rotini pasta? I also threw in mushrooms since I seem to be on a mushroom kick lately.

One of my big secrets with pastas is that I use seasonings liberally and am particular about stirring. Measuring, not so much. But if you need a good stirring, I’m your gal. As a result, I didn’t layer the casserole like the directions said. I actually mixed the chicken with all the seasonings (the ones listed and then some…) and then mixed that with the pasta before putting it into the baking pan.

I did layer the cheese and croutons on, though, primarily because I wasn’t sure what the croutons would do with the sauce. My hunch was that they would turn a little soft if not soggy, but thankfully all turned out well. I was actually a bit surprised by how much I liked the croutons in it, and it’s much better than trying to make breaded chicken.

chicken parmesan

I’m not entirely sure if they’ll make for great leftovers, but hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to leave my apartment… It’s days like this where I miss South Dakota.


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