Monday Funday

Yes, you read the title correctly. Though technically it wasn’t necessarily the day itself that was fun.

I don’t know what it is, but traveling always manages to wear me out. After spending nearly 8 hours in a car, ideally I’d be craving some physical activity at the gym. Not so much. I wanted nothing more than to put on a baggy sweatshirt and yoga pants before curling up with a book, movie, hot tea and stationary to write another letter.

So that’s exactly what I did.

Before settling in for the night I opted to be slightly ambitious and make chicken enchiladas. I also made a bold commitment to myself: without anything pressing on my agenda for the evening, I wanted to actually follow the recipe (or, let’s be honest, at least as closely as I could).

Thankfully I read through the recipe before cooking anything. It was a completely new way of making the chicken. (At least it was new to me — perhaps other people have already stumbled upon this great method for getting shredded chicken.) Normally I’d just start cooking the chicken and then glance at the recipe to see what the next step is, and I can guarantee you that the chicken wouldn’t have turned out as great as it did:


I only made a few minor — and I really mean minor — modifications. Instead of canned chipotles I used a small can of diced green chilies (and only because I grew impatient looking for it at the grocery store). I was also surprised to find the recipe didn’t call for onions, so I threw that in as I was sauteing the garlic (I know — I was shocked, too). Those were the only “major” changes, though I will admit I’m still bad at measuring so I have more cumin and cheese than the recipe required. But look at the end result!


Given how much I normally modify recipes, I was really impressed with my efforts. I was also incredibly impressed with the enchiladas. I’m talking Mexican restaurant quality chicken enchiladas. Rarely do I have a recipe that I’m head over heels with and vow to make again, but this just became of those. I can’t even get over it.

Chicken enchilada

I’m probably just being biased, but I can’t bring myself to say there’s a strong correlation between following a recipe and having a fabulous end product. Though based on this experience I may need to give it another shot…


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